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Our yarn production factory has started production in March 2014 on a land with an area of 60.000 m2 with 14.000m2 closed space located at Lüleburgaz – B. Karıştıran Organized Industrial Zone, and its production is ongoing.

Our yarn production machines are of world-renowned and preferred RİETER -Compact -K46 brand; our production is ongoing under the brand of YNS Compact Yarn, which has established itself in the market as an in-demand and quality brand. In the field of yarn it has become one of the elite brands in the domestic and overseas markets.

In general, Turkish -Aegean cotton are used at our factory (majorly from Bergama-Menemen regions); in addition, from time to time high-quality cotton from Greece is also used.


At our facilities yarn production is carried out in the range between Ne 20/1 - Ne 80/1.

As known, one of the major problems in yarn quality is the contamination problem. With regard to this issue, at our facilities efficient controls are carried out both at the Cotton Fluffer process and the Bobbin process (Double Contamination Control); therefore the necessary measures are being carried out with regard to the problem of contamination.

At out factory, lot exchange is carried out only 2 times per year, which means that our quality standard remains in effect for a period of minimum 6 months. This fact allows us to achieve continuity both in the processes of fabric and yarn, and reduces the wastage into the minimum level

At our factory, production is continuing in the framework of both yarn production and the CMIA project.