We have begun to operate in the textile sector in the year 1992 and we have established our YUNUS TEKSTIL Company in the year 2000 as a result of our restructuring operations in the fields of production and sales, which arose from the necessity for adapting to new technologies.

We have begun to export garment in the year 2003 and unified our operations under the roof of our YNS TEKSTIL Company which we have established in 2007.

We have decided to make investments in the area of yarn due to the developing market conditions, in order to have good quality all year around, and in order to keep pace with the competition in the market. We started our yarn investment under the brand of “Compact” in the year 2013, its operations started in the March of 2014 and we have initiated our yarn production under the brand of “YNS Compact Yarn”.

We have become an integrated company which makes production starting from the yarn all the way up to the ready-to-wear Garment.

In the fields of quality and fast garment, knit fabric and yarn production, our companies provide service to Europe’s and Turkey’s leading global brands.